Kiplinger’s Top Firms for Customer Services: Credit Cards

A credit card issuer’s customer service may be excellent, but it might not mean much interaction between you or the company. You may not need to contact the company if your statements are accurate and all benefits and rewards are given to you. If you run into a problem, your issuer will be able to help you find a solution. A good issuer will quickly close down your account or allow you to freeze it online if a criminal uses stolen information as a tool. This is something that all three of our winners have.

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American Express is ranked first in the study, with outstanding results in all three areas. According to the Nilson Report (an industry publication), Amex is the second-largest issuer of credit cards after Chase. Card purchase volumes are based on Amex’s performance.

Kiplinger’s Best Firms for Customer Service: Mortgage Lenders

  • Mortgage: Gold
  • Chase silver
  • Bronze: U.S. Bank

A happy experience when buying a home is a good thing. However, a lender who fails to answer your questions or bungles closing can make it a nightmare. If the mortgage lender who originated the loan decides to sell it or transfer servicing to another institution, you may have to deal with multiple mortgage companies. Outstanding service will save you headaches while the loan is being approved and when it is paid off.

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Rocket Mortgage, our gold medalist, has this mantra as one of its core principles: “Every client. Every time. There are no exceptions. There are no excuses. It seems to be working. This company is ranked number one in our rankings for the second consecutive year, beating its competitors by a substantial margin.

Kiplinger’s Top Firms for Customer Services: Auto and Home Insurance

  • Farmers Insurance – Gold
  • Silver: Geico
  • Bronze: State Farm

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An insurer that handles your claim efficiently and fairly will be able to help you if a tree falls on or your car is in an accident. Many insurance companies are increasing their digital capabilities. Customers can report and track claims and find proof of insurance online.

Farmers Insurance won the gold medal the second consecutive year. Farmers Insurance was established in 1928 as a way to insure farm vehicles. It now serves over 10 million households and has 19 million policies across the United States.

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According to data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners, customer complaints about Farmers homeowners and auto insurance services are about half of what could be expected based upon the company’s market share. This is a better ratio than any of the other finalists. Our survey found that respondents were pleased with the ease and accessibility of the website, as well as the resolution of complaints. Chat with representatives is available through the website. Other ways to contact the company, such as phone numbers for customer service and information for local agents, are clearly displayed. The app and website can be used to obtain insurance identification cards. This is especially useful if you need to quickly show proof of your auto coverage. You can also report and manage claims, pay bills, and receive roadside assistance. Siri can be used to perform certain actions such as paying bills if you have an Apple device.