How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Your car will get dirty over time and may need to be cleaned occasionally. The Westbrook Toyota service center has compiled a DIY guide to cleaning car floor mats at home. Visit Westbrook Toyota near Old Saybrook to keep your car looking new inside.


Here are the right tools to clean your car’s floor mats.

Rubber Car Floor Mats – Vacuum, rubber mat cleaner, stiff bristle toothbrush, hose/bucket water, microfiber towel/place for hanging your mats

Carpet Car Floor Mats: Vacuum and carpet mat cleaner, brush, bucket of water, wet vacuum/a place for mats to be hung.

It’s time for you to get started once you have all the equipment.

Cleaning Rubber Car Floor Mats

Rubber mats are a great option if you enjoy taking on the Madison outdoors. First, we’ll show you how to clean rubber mats. Next, we’ll move on to carpeting mats. This is how to clean rubber car mats.

  • Take out the rubber floor mats.
  • Use your vacuum to remove any remaining debris.
  • Rinse the mats with warm water.
  • Use a rubber mat cleaner to scrub the rubber mats.
  • After the mats are cleaned, give them a final rinse.

You can wipe your mats with a microfiber towel or dry them on a rack.

Before you put your rubber Car Accessories back in your car, it is important to let them dry completely.

Cleaning Carpet Car Floor Mats

Let’s now learn how to clean rubber floor tiles. Carpet floor mats are often found in sedans and luxury vehicles. How to properly clean them

  • Take the floor mats out of your car.
  • Clean the floor mats of dirt and debris.
  • To remove any dust or leftover dirt, shake the floor mats.

Apply a carpet cleaner made for carpet car flooring mats to your carpet mats.

  • Use the cleaner to scrub the mats.
  • Rinse the floor mats thoroughly.
  • Use a wet vacuum to dry the floor mats if you have one.
  • Let your floor mats dry.

You should ensure that your carpet mats are dry before you place them in your car. You now have the knowledge to clean your car’s floor mats. Shop online or in our Clinton parts store for the correct cleaning products and accessories.