Birth Control and “Decidual Cast”  Reasons

Sex is fun. It’s a way for you to relax, unwind, feel good, release, gratify and invigorate. It makes babies. It is so inconvenient. As beautiful as sex can seem, it is easy to forget that intercourse is primarily about decidual cast reproduction. Like all animals, we have an almost irresistible urge, just like any other animal, to mate and multiply. This is true both in a personal as well as global sense. It is important to realize that sex should not be performed if you don’t want children. We want to fuck, dammit!

Women and men have tried to escape from being beaten up for thousands and even thousands of years. The oldest method is probably pulling out. I don’t consider abstinence to be a form or birth control. There is no way to prevent it. Prostitution is the oldest occupation, right? Birth control must have a long history. After much research, I discovered many surprising and sometimes questionable ways women have managed to avoid having children while still having sex. The majority of these were not preventatives but pregnancy abortifacients. These are some of the highlights that I have learned.

Nature’s first Diaphragm was Half a Lemon Rind

  • Drinking Queen Anne’s Lace and Pomegranate together will result in a miscarriage.
  • As cervical caps, beeswax or cotton wads were used
  • In 1640, the French created the first condoms from decidual cast animal intestinales.

Silphium, which is a plant that is related to fennel was ingested in the attempt to prevent or abort pregnancy by decidual cast Mediterraneans

Three times sitting in a frogs mouth, avoiding the moonlight and seven times jumping backwards while squatting are just a few of many superstitious ways to get your intercourse.

  • Egyptian women used honey-decidual cast crocodile hair as a suppository.
  • It was believed that sperm could be killed by doing sex after Lysol sex.

Enovid, the FDA’s first approved oral contraceptive, was finally released on June 23, 1960. The Pill was here. Imagine how our ancestors dreamed of the day when they would just have to take a small tablet with water and never have to worry about becoming pregnant again.

As most decidual cast know, hormonal contraceptives have their downfalls. Although hormonal contraceptives can provide many positive benefits, such as childless sex and spontaneous lovemaking, larger boobs, clearer menstrual cramps, and greater control over when your periods occur, many people are becoming more aware of the long-term negative effects of chemically manipulating the fertility of our bodies. Numerous articles and books have been written about the dangers of hormonal birth controls. These include oral (various pills), injectable (Depoprovera, aka The Shot), adhesive (the Patch), vaginal (NuvaRing), professionally inserted (the IUD Mirena) which contains hormones and is not like the IUD Paraguard. Every woman is different and each responds differently to different forms of BC. Some women can feel great on Yaz, while others may feel suicidal. Here are some of the more common but not so fun side effects.

Mood swings so severe that you question your ability to be bipolar.

  • – Raging PMS. However, decidual cast girls sometimes report a decrease.
  • – A diminished or non-existent sexual drive that could as well be detrimental to the purpose of taking BC.

Vaginal Dryness & Decidual Cast (Again Defeats the Purpose)

Depression and Anxiety

  • Weight gain that is not restricted to your boobs. Also, cellulite was never something I experienced until I began taking The Pill
  • Increased emotional sensitivity and general irritability decidual cast

– Loss of sexual desire and receiving sexual attention. This is probably due to the fact we don’t ovulate and therefore don’t produce as many pheromones. However, we still send out the unconscious message that we’re pregnant.

Nausea, bloating and hair loss

This list could go on. Why do we endure it year after year, decade after decades? So we won’t get pregnant.