Parent’s “Choice Advantage” Infant Formula

Compared to the Nutrition Of Similac Choice Advantage(r) 

Formula can be expensive. That is why Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Advantage(tm), Formula is such a great value. However, price is a simple comparison. You need to carefully read the labels to learn more about the nutritional content. You can compare the labels of Similac Advance(r) and Parent’s Choice(tm), and you’ll see that they list the exact same ingredients at the same levels.

It is worth repeating: Parent’s Choice Advantage1 Infant Formula was compared on the basis of label comparison:

  • Similac Advance(r), Feature comparable nutrition
  • Prices up to 50% lower than national brand counterparts 
  • Formula-feeding families can save up to $600 per year 

Conforms to the FDA regulations

Parent’s Choice(tm), like the national brand, is made to look more like the real thing. Ask your child’s doctor about changing to Parent’s Choice Advantage

It is Designed to be more like breast milk

Parent’s Choice Advantage 1 Infant formula provides complete nutrition, and is more similar to breast milk. Our milk-based formula contains a combination of nutrients that are found in breastmilk to support brain and eye development.

  • DHA is an omega-3 fatty oil that promotes mental and visual development
  • Lutein is an antioxidant found in your eyes

Vitamin E for Cellular development Choice Advantage

Parent’s Choice Advantage 1 Powder Infant Formula with Iron contains prebiotics to support your infant’s digestive system and immune system. Our Advantage(r), formula for babies includes the antioxidant Vitamins C, E, and Zinc to support immune health.

FDA-Inspected Infant Formula Facility

Parent’s Choice Advantage Infant Formulas can be produced in Ohio and Vermont (USA). Our dairy ingredients come from top markets such as the United States, Canada and New Zealand. This factory has been producing powder infant formulas since more than 30 years. It is ISO certified.

Our factory was the first to receive certifications from Safe Quality Foods Institute (SQF2000 Level 3) as well as International Organization for Standards ISO-9001:2015. Our team constantly monitors the market and changes in consumer tastes and needs, as well as new developments in infant and toddler nutrition.

Parent’s Choice Advantage Non GMO Infant Formulas

Parent’s Choice now offers Non-GMO infant formulas to customers who are looking for non-GMO products. The Parent’s Choice Advantage infant formulas use ingredients that are not genetically engineered. They are also available in your favorite stores as store brands.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered to possess desirable characteristics. Genetic engineering uses methods that are different from traditional breeding methods. Some states and consumers support legislation that requires labels to indicate whether a food product has genetically engineered ingredients.

Because it is the most widely used word in the United States, we use the term “Non-GMO”. Parent’s Choice Formula does not contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Although the term “GMO” can be used to refer to genetically modified organisms, consumers in the United States often use it differently. This is because GMO is used often to refer products that are not intentionally added organisms.