VIP Nails: Salon

VIP Nails Salon has revolutionized Nail treatment Service with its unique treatment program. VIP Nails provides a luxury service at an affordable price, including manicures and pedicures as well as fixing artificial nails. It is the perfect choice for those who prefer a touch more class than the usual.

VIP Nails Localization

VIP Nails nail salons can be found in American suburbs and are more densely located than most chain salons.nAlthough each location may look different, you can be sure that they provide the same quality service.

  • Each location features a comfortable spa chair that allows customers to relax while they get their nails done.
  • Some places have televisions and other amenities that keep clients comfortable.

Services Offered

VIP Nail manicures and pedicures come at a fair price. This salon also offers manicure and pedicure services. They even have eyelash technicians who can fix your eyelashes for a small fee. These can be added-on services that may not come at an additional cost.

VIP Nails Manicure

  • VIP Nail manicures at a fraction of the cost in low-cost salons are almost as affordable as those at VIP Nail.
  • A regular manicure costs $12, while a buff or spa manicure costs $15 and $20.

VIP Nails Pedicure

  • The salon provides a full pedicure service. This includes regular, mini, and express pedicures.
  • Organic spa pedicures can be quite costly as they often cost more than $50.VIP nails


The Salon offers a waxing service to individuals of all ages. The men pay more, while women are charged slightly less.

For only $45, you can get all the hairs removed from your body. Clients are charged per part, rather than all at once. 

Leg waxing costs are quite different to that of arm or face waxing. If you choose to wax your entire body, it could be more expensive.


Children’s manicures and pedicures cost less than adults. They also offer 2 complimentary nail designs.

Pedicure costs around $15, while regular manicures for children are under $10. Each can be combined for $25.

Styling Gel Polish

Gel polish prices are quite high. Gel manicures are available in two types: simple gel manicure and gel nails with Gel polish. Combination Gel nails and Gel polish can be purchased for $35.

Artificial Nails can be fixed for as low as $ 25

Face waxing

  • VIP Nail Salon offers waxing services for all body parts, including the face.
  • They waxe the upper, sideburn and lower lips as well as the chin.

Organic Jelly Spa Pedicure

No matter what scent you choose, there are orange, lavender, and green tea options. All organic nail spa treatments are pinnable at $45.

UV Gel

  • This service’s price depends on the options you choose. You have many options for UV Gel styling.
  • You are therefore able to choose from a variety of options. This service costs between $20 and $55.