Myths about erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (also known as impotence) is a common problem for men. It affects over 150 million men around the world and 30 million Americans. Although psychological factors were initially thought to be the main cause of ED, it is now known that they are only a small percentage of cases. Canadian pharmacy online has the best selection and discount prices on prescription and over-the-counter medications. Everything you’d expect from the largest online Canadian Pharmacy!

It is not uncommon for organic and psychological factors to co-exist with ED. In fact, psychosexual factors are present in all men affected by sexual dysfunction, even if they don’t want to admit it. Because the ability to erection and fulfill one’s sexual roles is intrinsically linked to the notion of “manhood”, even for the most well-adjusted and self-aware male.

However, sex education is not always provided properly. Many men mistakenly believe they have ED. In most cases of ED, myths and misunderstandings can be contributing factors.

Before we get into the details of some common myths surrounding erectile dysfunction (ED), it is important to clear the air. ED is not a medical condition and has never been diagnosed as such.

Here are some common myths surrounding erectile dysfunction.

Myth #1: Erectile Dysfunction Is an Inevitable Part Of Aging

Many men with erectile dysfunction used to suffer in silence, believing that it was a natural part of aging. Despite the fact that ED incidence tends to increase with age, this is due to other health issues most men experience as they get older. These include heart disease, diabetes, high blood cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. Some medications are also prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction. A healthy lifestyle can help a man maintain his virility, even as he gets older.

Myth #2: Erectile Dysfunction is a Loss of Interest in Sexual Sex

It is a mistake to assume that men should be always interested in sex. If he isn’t, he may have erectile dysfunction. ED can be defined as an inability to achieve and maintain a satisfactory sexual intercourse. It does not include a lack of libido or vigour. Men with ED are still able to have an orgasm or ejaculate.

Myth #3: Real men get an erection whenever they want

It is impossible to be in a perfect state of mind during sexual encounters. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by a decline in testosterone levels and neurotransmitters that are involved in the generation of sexual desire, attaining and maintaining erection volume. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for adult men. ED is not something that can be avoided completely.

Myth #4: Real men can have an erection as long as they want

This is a bit too hypothetical. This is a common misconception about erectile dysfunction that leads most men to believe they have ED. It’s helpful to know that most men who engage in active thrusting last between 1-8 minutes on average.

Myth #5 – Most erectile dysfunction is psychological

It would be a shame if you believe that ED is all in your head and there is nothing wrong with you. Although this was initially the consensus among ED sufferers, it is not a valid criterion. It is now clear that there are many physical factors involved. ED is a medical condition that can be caused by unresolved health issues.

Myth #6: There is no cure for erectile dysfunction

Many men suffering from erectile problems believe that prescription drugs will not work if they fail to do so. While it is true that there is no permanent treatment for erectile dysfunction and that many of the methods of treating it are artificial, there are many therapies that are highly effective and have proven safety records that can be used to treat the underlying causes. Most men can resume a fulfilling and active sex life after receiving effective treatment.