How to Clean and Care for Resin Wicker Furniture

Resin Wicker patio sets are naturally more resistant to weather and water than organic rattan, making their care less of an inconvenience. Our resin Wicker patio set buyers will find this guide particularly helpful; both synthetic wicker and resin wicker may be used interchangeably here as this guide applies equally well for both materials. Wicker Warehouse provides several furniture sets made of wicker for seating, conversational sets, tables and Resin Wicker Chairs – as well as dining tables made from this natural fiber rattan wicker design – in contemporary and traditional natural rattan and natural wicker designs and washes to enhance any room – be it indoor or outdoor gatherings – our wicker furniture sets make an impressionful statement about who hosts! Our furniture made of wicker is sure to make an impressionful statement about you at any gathering no matter how small or large!

Outdoor furniture has traditionally been difficult to keep looking its best due to unpredictable and sometimes harsh outdoor living environments. If not maintained regularly, patio sets could quickly be damaged in an instant by exposure.

Regularly adhering to these practices will help your resin wicker furniture endure and look its best for many years to come. Enjoy proudly showing it off!

You Will Need:

  • A soft-bristle brush
  • Non-bleach Laundry detergent (or a mild dish soap – do not use abrasive cleansers!)
  • A bucket of warm water
  • A sponge

You Might Want:

  • A hand-vacuum
  • A garden hose
  • Mildew remover and Goo Gone for mold, sap, and other tough stains
  • That should be everything you need to clean your furniture.

Start by washing any cushions (if any are present on your resin furniture). Remove them from their covers if possible and set them aside, as our cushion covers are made of nylon or Sunbrella that is easily cleaned. Use soft bristled brushes to scrub off dirt from each cushion.

If you own a vacuum cleaner, it would be wise to immediately vacuum your cushions once loosening them with soft bristle brushing. Even without such luxury though, vacuuming makes your job much simpler! If not having access to one is an issue – don’t despair as they still make life much simpler!

Mix one tablespoon of mild detergent for laundry or dish soap into two cups of hot water and stir it until the solution becomes foamy. Use a sponge to apply this solution and dampen its surface with moisture from it.

Apply a soapy and dampened sponge to gently cleanse the fabric of cushions. If any stubborn dirt stains remain, soft-bristle sponge soaked with soap solution might work better at removing grime – just be sure to let them air-dry for at least an hour after finishing this task!

Step two of crafting resin furniture involves washing it thoroughly with water (don’t worry; it’s waterproof!). A garden hose would make this process faster and more effective; alternatively a bucket filled with warm water can work just as well; after spraying with water you should add dish soap or detergent as a final step before spraying onto furniture again.

Mix together approximately 1/4 cup of dish soap or detergent with approximately one gallon of hot water until foam appears across its entire surface, and dip a soft-bristle brush in this solution for use.

Filth off your resin wicker using a soft-bristled brush dipped in soap solution. Doing this can help loosen and loosen dirt particles for easier washing down the road, so be sure to get in between the weave! Since wicker is made by hand there are plenty of tiny cracks where dirt may accumulate – bring bristles inside for effective scrubbing!

Mildew and tree sap removal requires different cleaning products; use Tilex mildew remover on moldy spots, while for sticky messes like tree sap use Goo-Gone or similar grime removal product – but remember to clean up after yourself afterwards as exposure to these chemicals could leave your resin wicker bleached or faded!

Once the furniture has been cleaned, use a garden hose or bucket to rinse away any soapy residue left by cleaning products. Allow your patio to air-dry in direct sunlight for at least two hours to ensure proper drying times.

Once everything is dry, place the cushions back into their covers and reassemble your wicker furniture. Finally, you can make yourself some lemonade while donning shades to honor all of your hard work as you relax on your new and clean outdoor furniture!